Meeting the People Where they are at.

What we want to see, expect, desire, our objective is that those who hunger for God, can discover, with our help, that we must emulate Jesus’ mind. His sacrifices for sinners and rejects, Jesus gave Himself completely to them. Jesus wants us to understand this picture. 

Seeds, plants, buildings. MV offers guidance to the hungry ones.

Masses, the ones we reach out to, THAT IS THE CHURCH TO HIM. They are not yet in His church, but they will be.  Both just current believers, followers.

Immersing, being with them, leading them to His Father.

Jesus, His sharings of the Father’s will are not hinged solely on human experience or our immediate earthly environment. Go beyond what you see. Go beyond what you’ve lived. 

Empowering Leaders

Kingdown Builder – Knowing What Jesus Knows / Jesus Thinks


Often, God sends a vision to the head of a family. If the family has means, clout, they call in a professionally trained minister.

LET GO of this. Coaching family teams to live the Christian life under guidance of the Holy Spirit. Let the Head of the Family become the gate-keeper, not the professional minister. Equip family heads to take on more spiritual responsibility to benefit all family members. This is a new (old) version / adaptation of the way we “do church”, not centralized.