Magnifying Jesus As Lord

Praise and Prayer Rally for the Nations

A united Body of Christ, capturing the very heart of God, engaging in an intentional praise, worship and intercession for the Body of Christ, the Philippines and the nations.

House Churches

We exist to teach anyone who wants to learn to live this life with God’s power. We seek to establish communities that radiate authentic relationships and cultivate spiritual growth, discipling new believers and equipping core leaders. As God’s Spirit leads, we will follow, even into unexpected friendships, situations and places.

If you want God in your life, we want to bring Him to you. It takes more than a lifetime to learn His heart. Too big to deliver in a day or a moment, He comes immediately to the ones who call out, “Jesus, help me!” or “Jesus, save me!” 

Our approach to reaching people is not traditional but exists with precedent: in the Book of Acts of the Bible. What makes this book so explosive is how miraculously God the Father chose to reveal Himself, healing sick and demonized people by the hundreds, deploying ordinary followers to carry out impossible and mighty things.* Notable are the shocking amounts of people who realized they wanted a forever-relationship with Jesus. 

Let’s say a person develops a hunger for God; that is the start, the opening. Messiah’s Vision is for them. We want to break the conversion-notion, “We must convert that person.” Instead, we want to connect in a real way with those who want to. “Let’s go to her, let’s see what she needs and help her.” If she sees the Face of the real Jesus (through the actions of His people) in this way, perhaps she’ll want to know more. Before anything, we must pray! “Let’s talk to God about our neighbors, before we talk to our neighbors about God.” (Ed Silvoso: Prayer Evangelism, Regal Books, 2000). It’s a prayer conversation rooted in love, during which God downloads His desire for that person. We follow His leading rather than our own agenda, whether that human agenda is well-intentioned or self-seeking. 

We will receive anyone who wants to come. The lady who poured perfume on Jesus; she was not asked if her hands were clean.  Whatever horrible or unacceptable thing you have done or are doing, there can be a place for you in God’s Kingdom. He wants you. He pursues you like a lover.

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