Fresh Beginnings

Our God is an awesome God, worthy of all our praise and worship! 

2019 was a fruitful year for Messiah’s Vision. The ministry was filled with joy,  laughter and tears. The main thing I’m really excited about is how the Pastors and leaders were consistent in attending it’s weekly scheduled prayer. The prayer fellowship wasn’t being a burden to anybody, everyone is looking forward to it. If a reminder wasn’t posted on the FB Group Messenger, each one will text and ask….”where are we having it this coming Thursday”? I believe as the years went by, it transitioned from just an “activity” to attend to, to a moment where everyone is looking forward for it so we can be together and pray. Relationship grew and we became a “real” family. It’s not just about being “co-workers” in the vineyard of the Lord, we became closer, like being “blood brothers”. We joke around, we enjoy stories that will make everyone burst into laughter. Our fellowship became so deep that we began t adhere to each other’s advice, listened and accepted brotherly advice either for church problems of family problems. And this relationship was solidified by the Lord in so much as it made us not only to accept each one’s personality but more so in recognizing what the Lord has called each one to do, now not only for each one’s respective assigned church but also for the greater Body of Christ.

We capped off the year by agreeing to have one Calendar in place for the year 2020. A calendar of activities not by one church but for The Body of Christ. We are constantly learning that coming alongside each other brings more fruit for the Kingdom and brings glory to His name!! Together we reflect what Christ wants to happen in His Body and people become more aware that we are truly one!

The post bear the heading “Fresh Beginnings”, yes we have laughters and joy all around us during our conversations, but I also mentioned there were tears. That part was meant about the experience our family went through. Pastors where so supportive and gave there heartfelt condolences. Pastor Ben and Sis. Elsie Agtani even went out of their way to take care of Mami, my mother-in law as me and Liz went to Florida.

December 5th, I lost my Dad. He is a faithful follower of Jesus, a super loving husband to my Mom and the greatest Dad to me and my siblings. Whenever I call and check out how he’s doing, he would always say “Kamusta ang ministry” (How’s the ministry?), and I would say, “okay naman po Dad” (It’s okay Dad) “Saan ang punta mo”? (Where are you going?, Because he sees that I’m driving) I say “Punta po ako sa prayer time ng mga Pastor”. And he will say “O sige” (Okay). He’d always have our backs by praying for me and my siblings. He never rests, literally, for praying for us and for taking care of us. Until his old age, he would always say, “God is good, He is faithful”, reminding us that this is always in his heart.

Until his time was up, I was near him, he constantly looked in my eyes and then gazed on my Mom, I believe he was saying the same words, “God is good, He is faithful”. As much as he doesn’t want to, he knows he will be leaving us, he always wants to do things for us, specially for my Mom, he want’s us to know, “God is good, He is faithful”. He went with the Lord knowing that we are safe and secure with God’s graciousness and His unending faithfulness.

Until we meet again Dad!

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