A New Journey?

 I placed a question mark to the title because I want you to see for yourself what is truly is happening.

Messiah’s Vision Loving and Caring Place Inc. Was established 2010. From that humble beginning, we just keep on listening to God and let His direction takes it course. From that year until now, we just didn’t let go, we just kept going on. To most of the people, they don’t even understand what MV is all about. I can say that they are looking through a “traditional perspective” in understanding what a ministry should look like.

In one of our food distribution site a peculiar thing happened. As we handed out bags of food to two ladies, they stopped halfway down the middle of Bergen ave. and asked, “where’s the church”? Now to a common believer, that’s a simple question to answer, but at that very moment, as I looked at those ladies, I just stretched out both of my arms towards Bergen Ave. and said “Here, this is the church, right here”! And one guy said, “yeah, you are right, this is the church, what’s happening here ‘ain’t gonna happen inside the four walls of the church ‘no more”! And it dawned on me to double check what my brother told me, an impression he received from the Lord when he was with us in one food distribution day; ” I see that what the Lord is doing in that place, will overflow to different places”. And he go on saying to check and make a research on what the word Bergen means. So I did check, the word Bergen came from the old Dutch and German word which means – to save, to salvage.

So from what the ladies were asking, from what the guy said, from what my brother received and from what the word Bergen means, I started sharing it to the Pastors. I expressed that we are on the right track, that the Lord continues to reveal circumstances and it confirms what we are already doing at present – meeting people where they are at, praying for them and creating an opportunity to lead them to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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