They say that 95% of bloggers give up before they ever really get started. I’m not a “regular” blogger, I just want to write something and hopefully get some news out there about what we do.

For quite sometime now, MV have been quietly moving in the backgrounds, networking with Pastors, leaders and churches. We have a regular weekly prayer fellowship. We just come together talk about what’s happening in each one’s respective churches, we talk about what’s going on around the country and the world. We listen to each others spiritual encounters since the last time we met and we end by worshipping and enthroning God, inviting the Holy Spirit, interceding for the things that we have discussed. We believe that as long as God is on His throne, regardless of how things look like in our respective churches, in our homes, our community and in the world, still, the glory and power of God prevails over all things. He is in control.

Every pastors and leaders are welcome. It’s a time for connecting and knowing each other more. We always pray that our relationship will grow and we will always come alongside each other.

We meet in Jersey City, come and spare a moment of your time and bless us with your life.

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